The Circl is the social network created to amplify the voices of millions of small businesses everywhere. No matter if you started a day or a decade ago, there’s a place for you amongst the thousands of businesses in The Circl!

If you’re concerned with issues facing your business, want to connect with other experts, or looking to find new business opportunities, then you belong in The Circl.

Why join The Circl when I’m already on Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, and has done a great job at connecting people with their interests. Over a billion people login and share tons of content, but how does a small business with limited time, marketing expertise, and often limited financial resources use Facebook to market effectively? If you’re tired of trying to figure out how to get more Likes and Comments on your business profiles, with the hopes that you’ll somehow convert that activity into new business opportunities, well that's why we created The Circl.

How is The Circl different than LinkedIn?

The Circl is primarily for job creators, not job seekers. LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals, and helps people build their professional profile and further their careers. If you’re looking for your next job, then LinkedIn is a great tool, but if you’re looking for your next big business opportunity, then The Circl is your place.